Attirecare 250ml Garment Protector
Attirecare 250ml Garment Protector
Attirecare 250ml Garment Protector

Attirecare 250ml Garment Protector

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Attirecare’s Garment Protector applies an invisible barrier to garments offering them protection from soiling for up to 4 months.

The Garment Protector will not alter the look or feel of the material being treated in any way and, once applied, your garments will have an invisible barrier coated on top of the material and protection will last up to 4 months. This is due to the molecular structure giving you the time to wipe up stains that are water or oil-based.

This unique odourless and environmentally friendly formula can be used on pretty much all materials including wool, linen, leather and cotton. Perfect to be used on delicate materials giving them that extra bit of protection from everyday accidents.

    Product Details

    • Handy 250ml bottle, to test it out
    • Innovative trigger action mist spray allowing surface area cover
    • Water-based and non-solvent
    • Protection lasts up to 4 months
    • Will not alter the look or feel of the material
    • Bottles and pumps are 100% PET and recyclable
    • All products are sourced and made in the UK
    • Free from phosphates, chlorine & formaldehyde
    • No Sulphates (SLS, SLES, ALS)
    • No synthetic fragrance, dyes or parabens
    • No animal testing or use of by-products

    Directions for Use

    Make sure the surface you have treated is completely dry before exposing to any liquid, and remember the longer the cure time the more effective the repellency will be.

    1. The material should be clean and dry prior to application.
    2. Hold the bottle upright 6″ to 8″ form the area being treated, spray evenly covering the entire area.
    3. Do not over-saturate.
    4. Leave to dry if possible for 24 hours for it to fully absorb into the fibres


      Aqua, Fluoropolymer <3%

      The word ‘attire’ is an old French 13th Century phrase, adopted from the French word ‘atiren’, meaning “to fit out, equip; to adorn”. This notion represents what Attirecare is as a brand today. They want their products to fit into your life and make looking after your things as enjoyable as using them.

      The word ‘Attire’ to Attirecare is not just the obvious, like the clothing an individual is wearing, but instead the idea that every person has their own chosen Attire. Attirecare want simply to supply aesthetically pleasing products to assist a persons chosen Attire what ever that might be.

      Born in 2018, Attirecare is a Manchester-based brand focused on shoe, garment, home and lifestyle care products. The brand offers a wide range of products to prolong the life of said things and promote less waste. We also hope to be able to offer an in-store refill station to prolong the life of your plastic bottle.

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