Made to Measure

At Blackhorse Lane Ateliers, we offer a Made to Measure service that blends functionality, tailoring and traditional jean construction.

Our focus is to make everyone feel their best. Our pattern cutters
are there to work with you to develop your perfect fit, whether you’re looking
for something relaxed or more tailored.

The Process

Book Appointment on Wednesday or Thursday using the contact form below.


Our Made to measure service begins with a personal consultation and fitting with Lilly or Lucy, our in-house pattern cutters, on Wednesday or Thursday at our shop in Coal Drops Yard.

This allows you to try on a selection of our styles to find the one that best suits your body shape and needs. Once you have decided on your base style, we discuss the alterations and the best ways to elevate and personalise the fit.

You can then choose the fabric and trims – including a wonderful selection of small batch denim made by renowned craft mills from Japan, Italy, and the UK. You can decide on unique touches to your Made-To-Measure jeans by choosing pocket design, thread colour, hardware, zip or button fly, and the choice of a leather or vegan patch.


Sample Fit

If we have made significant adjustments to one of our styles we will create a sample of your garment.
This allows us to make larger structural alterations before cutting in final fabric.

Forward Fit

A few weeks later your jean, chino or jacket will close to completion. At this fitting, we will fine tune the fit to ensure we have created the perfect garment for you.

Final Fit and Collection

Once we’ve completed your garment we ensure everything is perfect before handing your garment over to you.

I’ve never seen much of an argument for different levels of
make in a jean; Blackhorse Lane Ateliers changes that, largely by
rethinking the assumptions of the industry

– Simon Crompton, Permanent Style

The Details

Made To Measure jeans start from £475*

Made To Measure jackets start from £625*

*We offer specialised rare denim at a surcharge of £50

Garments available for made to measure include selvedge & organic raw denim jeans and denim jackets only based on our house styles.

We only offer Made-To-Order appointments on Wednesdays or Thursdays

Location: Coal Drops Yard, Kings Cross, London.

Lead time: Six-Eight weeks from first consultation and fitting.

Once your specialised pattern is completed, it will be archived and used for your future orders – further garments based on this pattern can be made in different fabrics / trims for Jeans £375 / Jackets £520*

The made to measure service is only offered in-person, in-store, for your best possible fit and satisfaction.

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Book an Appointment

To make an appointment on Wednesday or Thursday, please email us with your preferred date and time.


What is the difference between Bespoke & Made-to-Measure?

The primary difference between bespoke and made to measure is the way in which the pattern is made.

The pattern for a bespoke garment is drafted from scratch, using your precise specifications and body measurements.

 A Made-to-Measure garment is made by adjusting a standard block to your specifications.

For us, we begin the process by fitting you in one of our Ready-To-Wear styles. After discussing alterations, our pattern cutters take the Ready-To-Wear block you were fit in and begin to make the alterations. This involves creating completely new pattern pieces to ensure the perfect fit.

Both methods require a unique pattern to be made.

Should I Buy Ready-to-Wear and have them altered or buy a Made-To-Measure pair?

Only some alterations can be made to a finished garment, others have to made to the pattern.

If you only need the waist taken in, length shortened or leg tapered we can alter one of our Ready-To-Wear garments. Any further adjustments will require our Made-To-Measure service.

How long does the process take?

Around six to eight weeks.

The whole process involves 4 members of our team and takes up to 9 hours to complete.

How many fittings are required for a Made-to-Measure item?

We require 2-3 in person fittings.

This ensures that our pattern cutters and clients are satisfied with the final outcome. We are unable to offer this service remotely or from a single fitting as we have found that we are unable to deliver the same quality of fit.

How can I make an appointment for a Made-to-Measure consultation?

Fill in the contact form above or e-mail us at

I’m not based in the UK can you make a Made-To-Measure pair remotely?

We do not offer this service remotely or from a single fitting as we have found that we are unable to deliver the same quality of fit. If you travel to London semi-regularly we can schedule fittings around your visits to accommodate you.