How We Measure

How we Measure

  • Our measurements are for unworn, preshrunk (sanforized) jeans
  • Your old jeans have likely stretched 1″/2.5CM in the waist and hips over 30 wears (You probably want to deduct this from your worn-in jeans measurements)
  • If you’re short on time, you can probably get by with just measuring the waist, front rise, and back rise.
  • Waist
    measuring denim
    • Front Rise
    measuring denim with tape measurer
    • Back Rise
    measuring back of denim
    • Thigh
    denim jeans
    • Hip – Step 1
    denim jeans
    • Hip – Step 2
    denim jeans
    • Knee – Step 1
    denim jeans
    • Knee – Step 2
    denim jeans
    • Hem
    denim jeans
    • Inseam
    denim jeans