Two Lives and Cunha Ribeiro

two lives

two lives was founded in 2019 in London by creatives Niklas Vila Karpe and Tina Lilienthal with the aim to address the vast amount of waste being created by the fashion industry. As a purpose-led label two lives focuses on upcycling deadstock textiles and responsible practices, delivering projects for clients that span from ideation and product development to manufacturing.

As a team Tina and Niklas draw on their respective and diverse expertise, combining big corporate insight with creative thinking, agility and curiosity. Their dual approach allows them to explore different perspectives and viewpoints of every scenario and to question the status quo in order to come up with inventive solutions to new and existing problems.

Let’s replace fear of the unknown with curiosity!


Cunha Ribeiro

Cunha Ribeiro is a family run factory in the North of Portugal. Founded by Maria Cunha in 1987, it is now run by her sons Andre, Miguel and Nuno. With strong ties within the community, Cunha Ribeiro supports local institutions, cultural and sports associations.

As a manufacturer of clothing, the factory has high ethical and social standards and is fully certified, combining new technologies and progressive ways of working with its inherent family values.

As a responsible company all production processes are continuously improved for efficiency and materials are sourced sustainably. Currently Cunha Ribeiro manufactures with 50% renewable energy from solar panels with the aim to increase this to 80% over the next three years.

two lives has been working closely with Nuno Ribeiro over the last two years in order to develop new responsible solutions for the textile supply chain such as upcycling deadstock textiles and garments, giving them a second life.