Wilkinson 10" Kevlar Shears
Wilkinson 10" Kevlar Shears
Wilkinson 10" Kevlar Shears

Wilkinson 10" Kevlar Shears

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Beautiful shiny black 10” sidebent shears with an extremely tough coating, originally designed for premium industrial use. Perfect for slippier lightweight fabrics like wool suiting.


  • 10″ right-handed shears with “sidebent” shape; cranked handles tilt upwards, allowing for smoother cutting of cloth as the lower blade can run flat along the fabric
  • Finished with trademarked ‘Ceratech’ Nitron MC finish, a ceramic compound finish that dramatically extends the life of the shears
  • Titanium nitride-coated screw holds the shears together
  • Attractive jet-black reflective appearance
  • Industrial grade; used by professionals
  • Extra resistant to abrasion and extremely long-lasting
  • Featuring serrated blades for extra grip whilst cutting
  • Blackhorse Lane Ateliers logo etching
  • Handmade by craftsmen in Sheffield, UK
  • Weight: 680g
  • Style code: CERATECH

Suitable For

  • Although quite versatile, Ceratech tend to work better with thinner fabrics. Be careful though as the serrated edge may catch on sheer fabrics like chiffon
  • Textiles, synthetic textiles, canvas, rubber, carpet & underlay, felt, rope, plastic film, plastic & fine wire mesh, paper & card, aramid, carbon fibre, glass fibre, resin coated composite fibres (both wet and dry), leather (due to low friction coating)

The Process

Scissors begin at the drop forge, where blanks (individual scissor halves) are stamped out of a bar of carbon steel. The edges of steel are trimmed before being sent back to the factory to be bow dressed, where the rough steel is sanded down, and a hole is drilled for where the screw will eventually sit. The steel is still too soft at this point so the blanks are submerged in a furnace and quenched in oil, then tempered (baked) to slow down the hardening. The blanks are then placed in a vat with ceramic chips and low-grade acid ready for buffing (no longer are there women with cloths) so that they can be shiny and smooth.

Whiteley’s are the last UK-based scissor maker to hand-grind their shears, giving the scissors a sharp edge. Putters will then assemble the scissors using different methods for each style, uniting the two scissor halves and doing final quality checks. If, like this pair, a scissor is to be coated then this process is done before assembly, otherwise for painted handles or “japanning” then this step is done next. Our styles are then finally engraved with the Blackhorse Lane Ateliers logo.

About Wilkinson

William Whiteley & Sons was established in 1760, and received a Royal Warrant in 1840 for their designing and manufacturing of beautiful hand-crafted industrial scissors in the North of England, Sheffield. In 1875, Whiteley’s incorporated another scissor-maker Thomas Wilkinson & Son, also royally appointed. A renowned Master Cutler, Wilkinson invented and patented the ‘sidebent’ scissor. Still a family-run firm, Whiteley’s skills have been passed on down through the generations. Today, Whiteley’s produce over 250 styles of scissor with advanced development for all types of industry keeping their craftsmanship fresh.

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