All of our jeans are made in our own factory in Blackhorse Lane, London, E17.
We are London’s only authentic denim factory and value the importance of locality in our community. We therefore decided to identify all our jean styles with a London postcode.

When we design our jeans we try to match the styles according to the social demographic of each postcode. For those of our customers who reside in London, it will be an interesting process to discover if we have made a successful pairing between style preference and postcode. We will continue to add new styles and new postcodes each year.



Our innovative business model has been designed especially for our customers advantage and benefit. We believe in fair pricing for all and want our products to be considered excellent value for money. As a factory brand we are able to engineer our quality to the highest possible level while keeping the pricing at the most accessible price point. We sell to the consumer direct from our factory in an efficient and environmentally sound manner. We believe this is the future of retail.

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