Jean Repairs & Alterations

Blackhorse Lane Ateliers jeans come with FREE REPAIRS FOR LIFE. Alterations must be paid. We also offer the following services at a competitive cost for non-BLA jeans.

Repairs & Alterations:
– Buttons or rivet repairs = £3 each
– Hemming = £15
– Waist taking-in = £25
– Tapering of the leg = £25
– Knee, cuff and other hole repairs = £10-30
– Crotch blow-out repairs = £15-£40

Terms & Conditions:
– JEANS MUST BE WASHED before sending to us. If not, they will be returned immediately and the repair cost refunded, less the cost of shipping them back.
– Febreeze, freezing or airing outside isn’t sufficient.
– We’ll do our best to match our darning thread to the colour of the jean.
– We do not use indigo-dyed thread. Therefore, the darning thread will not fade in the same way as your jeans.
– We may need to use a patch inside the jean. We do not charge extra for this.
– We’ll be able to give you a cost estimate and return time estimate upon viewing the jeans. Expect 2-3 weeks.
– Reminder, Blackhorse Lane Ateliers jeans will be repaired for free.

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