Jean Repairs & Alterations


We will happily shorten any jeans at The Clerk’s House, Shoreditch. This is free of charge for Blackhorse Lane Ateliers jeans, and £15 for other brands.


Blackhorse Lane Ateliers jeans come with FREE REPAIRS FOR LIFE. We claim the right to decline free repairs if we determine that the jeans have been worn in such a way that necessarily encourages damage (ex: rock climbing, cycling).

Terms & Conditions

– JEANS MUST BE WASHED before sending to us. If not, they will be returned immediately and we will request you to pay for return shipping. Febreeze, freezing or airing outside isn’t sufficient.
– We’ll do our best to match our darning thread to the colour of the jean.
– We’ll do our best to match the hemming thread to the stitch size and colour of the jean.
– We do not use indigo-dyed thread. Therefore, the darning thread will not fade in the same way as your jeans.
– We may need to use a patch inside the jean. We do not charge extra for this.
– We’ll be able to give you a return time estimate upon viewing the jeans. Expect 2-3 weeks.
– You will be responsible for shipping the jeans to AND from our atelier. Since we offer this service for free, we feel that this is an ok ask.
– If sending from outside the UK, ensure your parcel is marked as a used garment repair. We cannot accept any customs charges, and will have your jeans returned to sender if incurred.

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