Where to find the best made-to-measure jeans London has to offer

Finding a true made-to-measure jeans service in London can be limiting and a challenge to find. A quick Google search or stroll down a high street will get you where you need to be sooner than you can say made-to-measure. 

Finding a pair of bespoke denim jeans in London is definitely a cause for celebration. Get ready to pop the champagne! Welcome to our made-to-measure denim atelier for all genders. The good news is that we also offer made-to-measure chinos and denim jackets.

What is the process for purchasing bespoke jeans with Blackhorse Lane Ateliers?

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Begin with booking an appointment with the Blackhorse Lane Ateliers shop in Coal Drops Yard, by phone or email (lilly@blackhorselane.com). Your bespoke appointment will consist of an initial consultation with one of our tailors. You will discuss what kind of denim shade and weight you prefer and how you would like them to fit.

Next, the tailor will help you try different cuts of Blackhorse Lane Ateliers denim jeans and find the best fit that suits your body shape and needs and use that as a starting block. They will then fully fit the jeans on you as well as take your measurements and discuss your preferences throughout the fitting. Do you sit down a lot at work? Maybe you need a fit with roomier thighs. Does your day-to-day consist of moving items? Perhaps jeans with a higher rise will be more comfortable. 

Following this, you can choose your fabric and trims. Blackhorse Lane Ateliers selects premium denim from renowned craft mills in Japan, Italy, Turkey and the UK. You can also decide what kind of pocket design, thread colour, hardware, zip or button fly you prefer. If you're a vegan, you can also choose a vegan patch as opposed to the traditional leather patch.   

The lead time is roughly three weeks following your initial consultation and fitting. We keep your bespoke pattern which allows you to re-order your jeans perhaps in a different denim of your choice.

Who is the ideal customer for the made-to-measure jeans London has to offer?

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If you have struggled to find jeans on the high street that are flattering and feel comfortable, investing in made-to-measure jeans is a good option. For example, say you're a rugby player but your thighs make every pair of jeans look like skinny jeans. Maybe you're above average height with a slim build but every pair of denim jeans makes you look like you're wearing someone else's trousers because they are too short. 

Then look into the bespoke jeans London can offer and stop by Blackhorse Lane Ateliers because we have the perfect solution. 

Made-to-measure jeans are also ideal for the shopper who wants to invest in a pair of high-quality denim jeans that will last them a lifetime. A pair of jeans that you can and will want to repair because they fit you so well. 

What makes made-to-measure jeans special?

First and foremost, being involved in the process of making your clothing is a special experience. It allows you to communicate your unique style and personality in a way that's impossible when shopping on the high street in London. 

Another benefit is that bespoke jeans are made to fit only you. They are based on your body measurements and type and everything in between. It's a personalised touch that would suit every wardrobe. 

Most ready-to-wear retailers have generic fits and sizes that typically cater to one body type. Because of this many shoppers struggle to find a fit that's more than just good. And this leads to continuous consumption struggling in search of the fit that's more than good, a fit that's great

We offer gift cards which includes a pair made-to-measure jeans which is a great gift for both men and women. 

Why made-to-measure jeans are a sustainable buying option

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Bespoke jeans are sustainable as we don't end up creating large amounts of stock that go unsold. The amount of waste generated by manufacturers and retailers is vast. In fact, it results in around 13 million tons of textile waste. Predominantly this is due to overproduction. 

Every season about 30% of the clothes produced is just never sold. Our made-to-measure jeans London offers are hand-crafted in London at our Atelier in Walthamstow. Our ready-to-wear stock doesn't go on sale because we don't overproduce, and we ensure that stock is always limited.  

The price tag will reflect that your bespoke jeans are high quality. But don't let that put you off. Unlike fast-fashion denim jeans, a made-to-measure piece will have a much longer shelf life. The wear and tear are comparatively minimal. Sustainable practices are to keep and use your clothing for a very long time, and that's possible with high-quality bespoke jeans. 

At Blackhorse Lane Ateliers we offer denim repair services for everyone. It doesn't even have to be Blackhorse Lane Ateliers jeans. It can be jeans from anywhere. We want to encourage shoppers to take care of their pieces to make them last a long time. Be grateful to the jeans for keeping you warm and looking your best. All of our denim products come with free repairs for life.  

What kind of bespoke jean cuts does Blackhorse Lane Ateliers offer?

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As we cut all our patterns in-house we can offer made-to-measure on all our jeans/chino styles. The following styles are staples in our shop at Coal Drops Yard, and can give you an idea on the kind of style you lean towards when going into your made-to-measure appointment. 

Our E8 is a slim pair of jeans that are tapered throughout the entire leg. Be mindful that it's not a skinny jean cut, as it is tapered throughout the leg and has a high rise for comfort. This is the perfect fit for anyone looking for a slim modern cut. If your thighs tend to need more room, look into our NW1 style 

The NW8 jean is our Heritage slim cut and has become 2nd best selling next to the NW1 (See below) and is a firm favourite with our sartorial customer looking for a smart jean which they can wear to the office or use for evenings out. It features a relaxed fit in the hips and seat but still retains a slim leg.

The NW1 denim jean is inspired by the 1950s. This means that it has a medium front rise and a high back rise with a straight silhouette commonly worn back in the day. It's a great pair of jeans for the guy who needs a little hip and thigh room but doesn't want to compromise a fitted cut. 

Our E10 jeans is our classic straight style and is the counterpart to the NW1 jeans for women, it features a high rise a straight leg throughout and works for all occasions (please add some flair)

For more information about the process of our made-to-measure jeans or the types of customisable options we offer, feel free to reach out and we're happy to take you through the details of making your personalised jeans come true. 

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