Agenda Brown @ Blackhorse Lane

The creative imagination of Agenda Brown now resides at Blackhorse Lane Ateliers Walthamstow production base. Agenda Brown, as the creative protagonist of Visual Marvelry™ and generator of visual stories, possesses a rare ability to capture his subjects in a discerning manner, whilst evoking empathy for his subjects.

He has successfully developed a substantial imprint as an original photographic commentator and as an authentic observer of active and dynamic cosmopolitan artists, creatives, and social entrepreneurs.

Capturing individuals with a cinematic scale, whilst providing creative expression and authenticity to context and environment, shines a light on the authenticity of the individual characters, and the detail of their personality against a worldly context.


Please drop him a line if you would like to come by and talk over your creative project.



Phone: 07786 888 238

Agenda Brown’s Creative World

Studio address: 114B Blackhorse Lane, London E17 6AA

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