Sanders & Sanders


Sanders & Sanders Ltd. was established in 1873 by Brothers William and Thomas Sanders. They started with a small workshop in Rushden town with five craftsmen. Over time, the factory expanded and moved to Spencer road, employing more craftsmen and outworkers. As the industry advanced, the factory began producing almost 6000 pairs of army boots per week during World War I. A fire destroyed the factory in 1924, but it was rebuilt in a modern style with the latest machinery. William Sanders retired in 1925, leaving the business to his three sons. Today, Sanders & Sanders is in its 5th generation, producing over 2000 pairs of shoes and boots every week and exporting to over 30 countries 

Sanders motto is "Very good shoes  with a twist  we push the boundaries" which we really identify as a factory brand who is trying to progress the quality of jeans in terms of construction and materials.