When we started six years ago, our aim was to make the best selvedge & organic raw denim jeans in the world. We used our experience and know-how as tailors and looked back through history to create finely-crafted garments and while we are now confident in our making skills, we realise that there is still so much about denim that we don’t know.

Denim fabric is a blank canvas and it can be styled and interpreted in so many ways. Here in the UK, we have expert denim designers and garment-makers but we are still missing expertise in washing and finishing techniques. This is why, in partnership with University of the Arts London, we decided to set up the UK’s first state-of-the-art, sustainable R&D washing facility within our factory building in London.

As you can imagine the facility needs a huge amount of investment, and therefore we are reaching out to you to help us achieve in raising this the investment needed

As a factory brand we always wanted our customers to benefit by creating a community membership, by becoming a ‘Community Member’ you will be able to join and support us on this pioneering journey, in return we will be offering generous benefits.


  • 20% off goods in store
  • access to our member events
  • discount on made to measure items
  • discount on made to order items
  • discount on workshops
  • vip access


Our denim wash-lab will facilitate the development of an authentic UK denim aesthetic and build a new ‘craft-form’ skill-set and expertise within this field, which is currently only available in industrial form and in a few countries off-shore.

In line with our core values, our washing and finishing lab will be a space where students, small start-ups and larger heritage brands will be able to research and develop new and more sustainable ways of working with denim washes. 

Through our pre orders initiative we will be launching existing as well as new styles using exclusive fabrics from the finest mills in the world which we have selected. Via this platform you will be able to back the products which speak to you the most, in turn this means we will only make what is needed cutting down on waste.

We will also be harnessing our strong relationship with like-minded craftspeople and brands who share the same values and philosophy as us to develop exciting collaborations.

Since the beginning of this journey, you have been supporting us and helping us grow our community and we cannot thank you enough and hope you will continue this journey together.

Membership FAQ

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