Behind the Seams: Exploring Knitwear Craftsmanship with a Jackmasters Factory Visit

Earlier this year, we embarked on a visit to the makers of our best-selling Guernsey Sweaters– the vibrant Jackmasters in Leicester. Established in 1987, Jackmasters is not just a factory; it's a bustling hub of energy, embodying the seamless blend of tradition and innovation. This esteemed knitwear collaborator holds a rich legacy, supporting not only their own label but also some of Britain's finest brands. With two generations of expertise, Jackmasters stands as a beacon in the intricate dance of knitwear production, weaving together the threads of technical mastery and textile knowledge.
Casting our minds back to 2018, where the seeds of our creative kinship were sown with the release of the Guernseys and Roll Neck Sweaters, knitted with British wool from local Blue Faced Leicester and Masham sheep. These releases were not only well-received and loved by our customers but also resonated deeply with ourselves, solidifying our commitment to crafting quality garments with a touch of heritage, and have remained a staple in our lineup.
Fast forward to the present, where the reason for our trip is two-fold, we wanted to check how our current production of Guernsey sweaters was going and also to develop our new style, the Fisherman Jumpers, this time crafted from the finest Merino wool, with the pursuit to offer an elevated fit and feel of a classic working garment, re-imagined for everyday comfort and elegance.
Our dedication to quality and craftsmanship serves as the heartbeat of this partnership, proudly coming to life in the UK with the help of Jackmasters, genuine masters of their trade, contribute their profound expertise to our joint mission of creating enduring pieces that rise above fleeting fashion trends
In our design journey, we drew inspiration from timeless classics, infusing them with our distinctive flair. Opting for meticulous rib stitching, we created a seamless flow along the crew neck collar, resulting in an understated yet clean design. The addition of a split hem adds a laid-back touch to the jumper, completing the elevated and personalised aesthetic.
For us, the choice of natural fabrics is a sacred ethos, and wool, with its inherent virtues, stands as a cornerstone of this conviction. The Fisherman Jumper, meticulously crafted from 100% Merino wool, continues our legacy of utilising this exceptional material. The Fisherman Jumper is not just a symbol of tradition but a deliberate homage to the exceptional quality inherent in our local fibres
Wool, akin to denim in its authenticity, becomes an organic extension of our brand narrative. As part of our commitment to championing natural fibres, we use materials such as cotton, linen, and hemp alongside wool to craft various garments. This conscious choice reflects our dedication to staying away from man-made fibres, allowing us to present a symphony of style, durability, and comfort – a true manifestation of our brand philosophy.
In the spirit of our discerning eye for craftsmanship, our collaboration with Jackmasters resonates with a meticulous dedication to the continuing the craftsmanship of knitwear alive.
View the collection of our new Fisherman Jumpers and other Knitwear.

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