Denim Repairs: Fades & Fixes Gallery

We want to sell people one pair of great jeans that will have a longer lifetime than multiple pairs of “junk” jeans will likely have. To support this, we offer free repairs for life on our denim jeans and denim garments.

The Fades & Fixes Gallery is our way of sharing beautifully-worn BLA jeans that make it back to the ateliers for repairs. The purpose is two-fold; First, we want to show off jeans that have aged organically, so you have a better understanding of what you’re buying. Second, we want to show that repaired jeans can still look great – it’s just not the case that a pair of jeans needs to be retired once the first hole appears.

On an aside… Fade galleries often talk about how long a pair of jeans were worn, and how many machine or hand washes they had. There’s no use in that, because each person’s lifestyle is different and therefore your clothes wear differently. It doesn’t matter how you live in them, as long as you look after them.

Read and look on for our denim repairs stories.

Greg’s E5 Relaxed Tapered Jeans – 14oz Indigo Selvedge

Greg wore his E5  jeans for a 2,500 mile trip across the alps in a car (a Smart Crossblade) with no windscreen, roof or doors. The car had neoprene seats and holes in the low points of the body. You have to wear goggles over 30mph, and motorcycle waterproofs in the rain. Mostly the weather was warm, so the jeans were perfect.

Ashley’s E5 Relaxed Tapered Jeans – 12oz Indigo Selvedge

Ashley started wearing these jeans on a motorcycle road trip down to Dartmoor last year He wrote about that experience here.

Dan’s NW1 Heritage Relaxed Straight Jeans -14oz Japanese Indigo Selvedge

Dan wore these jeans when his football team Southhampton beat Fulham in the third round of the FA Cup at Craven Cottage 0-1 back in January 2018. Not that the dramatic situation caused this much wear, but the story is imbued in the cloth.

James’ E5 Relaxed Tapered Jeans -14oz Indigo Selvedge & 14oz Indigo Organic Denim

Guy’s NW3 Heritage Straight Jeans – 14oz Indigo Organic Denim

Robert’s E5 Relaxed Tapered Jeans – 14oz Indigo Selvedge Denim

Robert is a drummer, so his jeans see a lot of time in the seat at various clubs and concert venues. Here we repaired the crotch and slightly on the inseam.

Martin’s N16 Slim Trouser Jeans – 12oz Indigo Selvedge Denim

We no longer sell the N16 jeans, because we improved the cut. Still a great pair of denim jeans, we’re seeing these jeans come in for repair even years later.

Stephen’s E2 Labour + Wait 14.5oz Selvedge Denim Jeans

Lovely small patches of wear on these jeans we made for Labour and Wait, the homewares and clothing shop. For these, we reinforced the crotch and the cuffs where there was some linear wear.

“The Jean repair is brilliant, thanks a lot. Adds to the authenticity somehow! I’ve missed them.”

View the Labour + Wait jeans

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