Reviews of BLA Jeans:

The Denim Hound: The Lone Star of London {E8 slim tapered, Japanese denim}
Timeless Man {E5 relaxed tapered, organic denim}
Aun Tay {E8 slim tapered, Japanese denim}


Features on BLA:

Another Magazine – Inside Blackhorse Lane Ateliers: A Slow Denim Factory
Audrey Stanton – A Few Good Things
Denim Hunters – How Blackhorse Lane Ateliers is Reviving London’s Denim Industry
Design For Longevity – Denim Short Stories
Die Workwear! – London’s Blackhorse Lane Ateliers
Fashion Revolution – Who Made My Clothes at Blackhorse Lane Ateliers
Frances Corner – Blackhorse Lane Ateliers
Grey Fox Blog – Denim Jeans from East London
Heddels – Blackhorse Lane Ateliers and Lavenham Come Together For Some Quilted Denim Duds
Houyhnhnm – Blackhorse Lane Ateliers {in Japanese}
Junkaholique (Artemis Russell) – Spring City Adventures
London on the Inside – LDNERS | Blackhorse Lane Ateliers
Long John – Meet The Person #13
Monocle – Galloping Majors
Pebble Magazine – The Jeans That Built A Community
Permanent Style – Innovative Sartorial Jeans
Pony Tail Journal – Slow Growing Goodness
Ray Stitch – In-Depth: An Evening with Blackhorse Lane Ateliers
Rope Dye – Stitching Together A Community
Tank Magazine – The Big Blue {requires a subscription}
The Culture Trip – How A Denim Atelier In Walthamstow Is Setting A New Agenda
The Jackal Magazine – Jean Genius, Blackhorse Lane Atelier
The Rake – Blackhorse Lane Ateliers: Craft Denim
Toast – Blackhorse Lane Ateliers Craft Denim {collaboration}
Visual Marvelry – Toby and Han
WGSN – Meet Blackhorse Lane Ateliers, London’s Denim Factory


Articles including BLA:

Alice Made This – Studio Favourites: Best Made In Britain Brands
BBC News – Why Blue Jeans Are Going Green
Courier Magazine – Denim Trade Wars and Chinese Fine Wine
Design For Longevity – Indigo Wisdom
Drapers Online – Denim Report: The Great British Denim Revival {requires a subscription}
Drapers Online – Best Of British: Meet The Manufacturers On The BFC’s Database {requires a subscription}
Fashion Beans – The Best Raw Denim Guide You’ll Ever Read
From Squalor to Baller – OrSlow 107 Jeans review
Heddels – A Sharp Brexit For Made In (Little) Britain: White Oak Economy
High Snobiety – The Care Label Porject Wants To Save The Planet By Improving The Fashion Industry
Huffington Post – The Indispensables: #4 Denim
London On The Inside – Coal Drops Yard Gift Guide
Luxury London – Sustainable Denim Brands
NY Times – Jeans Made In The UK
Robb Report – These Artisanal Denim Brands Are Making Some Of The Best Jeans A Man Can Buy
Rope Dye – Amsterdam Denim Days 2017
The Culture Trip – The Denim Brands You Need To Wear Now
The Jackal Magazine – British Denim Is Having A Moment
The Rake – Style 101: The French Worker’s Jacket
Time Out Magazine – 14 Brilliant Things To Do On Blackhorse Lane Walthamstow
Wallpaper* – 3 Sustainable Denim Brands Getting The Green Light
Woodberry Life – London Denim



We’ve collaborated with many of the best brands in fashion as well as local East London businesses — whether that be sourcing material, consultancy, production, or even bringing co-branded garments to market. The greatest achievement for us is having the Blackhorse Lane Ateliers logo alongside our collaborator’s logo. We view this as a certification that the garment is made in London, and is of unmatched quality.

Baddeley Brothers/Frogmore Paper Mill {recycled denim printed tags and cards}
Band of Outsiders
Ben Sherman
Christopher Raeburn
Drake’s {No.3}
East End Trades Guild
E.L.V. Denim
ISKO {denim partner}
King & Tuckfield
KURABO {denim partner}
Labour and Wait {E2 Jean}
la fille d’O
Lavenham {quilted denim jacket and jeans}
Martine Rose
Nicholas Daley
Nigel Cabourn
Studio Nicholson
The Cooper Collection
Too Good
University of the Arts London



Kingspins Transformers Ed 18th October 2019, Ravensbourne University
Promostyl – Flash Men